Sunday, July 13, 2008

5 Things Young Indians need to change

  1. Social skills- Social and behavioural training should be made mandatory for students and young alike- Queuing up in public places, No littering, and mobile phone etiquettes.
  2. Criticism- There is razor edge difference between being confident and arrogant. Criticism should be viewed as an enabler and catalyst to glory; browbeating/smattering on online forums and comments section will take us nowhere- belittles our achievement and goals. I, Me, and Myself, is the epitome of tribe on extinct.
  3. Identity- Love for ‘India’ or ‘indianess’ shouldn’t be trumpeted by alluding negativity over other races, religions or country.
  4. History– Respect and learn from past, “History only repeats itself”.
  5. Social Responsibility- No, ‘Donating’ or ‘sponsoring’ NGO’s or associations for tax reason, isn’t social responsibility. Society needs your ‘knowhow’ and ‘time’, not greenbucks. Stop whining, if you don’t want to make hand dirty.


Manish said...

Good one !!!

Balaji said...


None of these can be forced or shoved upon. What needs to happen is to create a climate where all these values can florish. Otherwise it has no existace.

yes. I agree all of these need to be encouraged.

CV Arun said...

Agreed balaji.A solution can be found only when one acknowledges existence of a problem.That's the whole idea of the post.

Ananya said...

I don't understand why am I speaking here. But the point is we are taught dishonesty before we even began our schooling (Most Parents give wrong birth dates i.e. hide 1-2 years from birth certificate which in turn gives age advantage in all competition). There is no considerations for fellow citizens.Where will it come from? Why its not there? Who to blame? Its us. We take pride if our family member gets job in Central/State machinery instead of despising his corrupt behaviour. So all other lessons later. We need to be a bit more honest and considerate.

CV Arun said...


The gist is to identify basic elements and many of the points may appear vapid listing,but we need to begin from somewhere.Unless, we become self critical, we can only fantasize about some super human- to recycle the society.

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